What did you get for Christmas?:) How was it? Let’s talk

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.
Everyone’s happy, ready to go, and
in the giving kind of mood. My favorite!

Whether you give someone a simple smile back, a
gift, a house, or a card, it’s the thought that

You could write me 20 words, and I would
appreciate it so much.

It’s the thought that counts.

I hope you got everything you wanted, or atleast
most of it.
And I hope you got to spend time with your family
and friends that you care about most.
And I definitely hope above all else…
You had some tasty food;)

Tell me, what’d you get??
Do you celebrate a different holiday??
What’d you like???
Let’s talk.

I got a bunch of nice clothes, some jewelry,
candy, some awesome boots, cologne, a portable
record player, and a few other great things from
my family and friends.
Here’s a fun video of some of what I got, take a look!


What matters most though??
The thought that went behind them.

It’s the same as, when we offer you something.
When you see a program, or traffic resource, or
something else we are offering to you.

It’s the thought that counts. We want you to
succeed, which is why we offer it.

It’s the thought that counts.

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

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