CONGRATS AGAIN!:) The BIG reason most marketers FAIL every day and how we changed that

Hats of to our team and the all in members!:) (I seriously needed to write them down) We

have been growing so much and..

The BELOW has became such a HUGE problem!


Most people aren’t able to refer any leaders, or become leaders themselves!

Have you had this problem before??

When you refer someone, it’s always difficult to even maintain contact, especially trying to have them see the massive value of going all in! Have you ever struggled with anything like that?? How’s that feel?

My dad and I have personally referred over 35 paid members to Now LifeStyle, with more then 13 people on our team going all in. Because, with this opportunity and the proven track record behind it, people understand and see how this is a perfect match.


You might have seen the video where I showed our account and how we made over $2,000 in the first 16 days with very little effort alone, we did that, because we know how to attract leaders!:)

Now, without knowing how to do this. Do you see why over 95% over marketers completely fail or struggle all the time?? Some people don’t have a method yet. What about you???


You can be taught how to attract leaders though?!:)



And with myself and Richard showing you how to attract leaders and real marketers to your team, wouldn’t that feel great to finally make some commissions??

What if those commissions could help you pay off your bills, pay for a better car, or help you live more easily??

Join us today, and we’ll reveal and guide you immediately, on how to start magnetically attracting leaders like the ones we mentioned to YOUR team, today!

Login and get started my friend


Add me on skype when you find the time, I have a whole ton of information I am giving our team members

to help them build immediately.

Skype username:  jonnywebes


P.S. Every day you waste, you miss out on commissions, and us helping you out once in awhile by placing people in your downline.

WE want to develop you into a leader.

And show you how to start earning like we have.


You can keep doing what you’re doing without any help.


Now Life Style™ Get Fit And A Fat Wallet!
Products and a compensation plan designed for massive wealth!

Become a true Founding member in what will be the Now Lifestyle Legacy

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