Only your future will be like this??

2 vividly and widely different responses have
always ensued..Which do you think is right?

“I don’t think I’ll like it”
“It probably won’t be around to launch”
“It won’t make much”


“This is pretty cool, I’ll get started”
“This will be around for years I can definitely
“I’ve already made over a grand”

If I was being honest…
We’ve gotten both of these responses.

The second pair however, are from people who
joined the team.
The first pair, are from people who didn’t (yet).

The second pair, is seeing results.
They can check their downline at any time for

The first pair, what do you think they’re up to??
Are you in the second or first pair???

Because everyone knows that this is the deal….

WE, OUR TEAM, believe in a couple staples that
have kept us always being #1.

Longevity. Consistency. Being recognized. And
always, having a profitable system.

NLS is our long haul project that we trust to be
here for YEARS to come. I mean, Joel’s other
systems are all still around and they’ve been up
and active for years already.

NLS is our consistent project. Where we put people
in every day, and help our team see results every

NLS is our recognition platform. Where we
recognize our team leaders and members who are
seeing results, and people who come aboard the

Simply take a look at our Facebook Page for proof
of that.

And finally, NLS is our #1 most profitable system.

We’ve made thousands, our downline has, and people
are using the system.

Can you imagine what the launch will be like???:)

Here’s where you can be with those second pair of statements:)

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Richard Weberg

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