Here’s your pictures, and graduation means, NOTHING!

Here’s some pictures I promised! You all want proof, and to see that what we are doing is working…

Here’s another taste:)


And we’ve built that entire left leg ourselves. Along with a good portion of a part of the right leg.

But, who cares about legs.

We care about the products producing results for those who use them, and the people loving the services offered.

Well here’s a couple pictures from the Now Lifestyle Facebook group, posted only in the past couple days.


You’re able to see now…..

  1. The products and services are reliable and used. (The upcoming page of theirs that will be live soon, is chalk full of testimonials including my own.)
  2. Our own results are solid and have continually grown, just look at our left leg damnit:)


That’s why we’ve backed and will continue to back this company and program so much.

Now you’ve also heard that I’ve graduated. Here’s a picture of my life long friend Mariah and myself.



We had an awesome all-night grad party and everything went great.

Pretty much, everything is going pretty damn nice right now!

I had my own grad party, plenty of people came, had delicious food, Now Lifestyle is going great, I graduated…

On and on and on…. And I truly to the bottom of my heart appreciate all of the help for the grad party, graduation, and everything that has happened.

There’s ONE SINGLE CATCH that everyone who ends up losing out and not succeeding in their endeavors, ALWAYS misses!!!

100% of the time.



And that’s the 1, crucial, key, important, sacred, and utmost and must be withheld success lesson…..


“When the going is good, push even harder.”


It doesn’t matter how much you succeed, if you stop.

It doesn’t matter how much you make, if you stop.

It’s hard to push yourself and the team when things are going bad, it’s even HARDER when they are going good!



Those of you who haven’t seen or experienced success yet, and those of you who have.

Follow me. And let’s go. Let’s grind. And let’s show everyone what we can do.

Recognition, residuals, health, fitness, and peace of mind are at the end of the tunnel.


Let’s love, laugh, and LIVE!


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg



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