“Jonny, you need to get a job and go to college.”…Oh really?:)

“Jonny, you need to get a job and go to college.”

Do you know how many times I’ve been told that? Or….

“Jonny you know this internet thing isn’t going to work right?”


Let’s give you some facts here now..

We’ve personally referred over 250 people to our #1 NLS team.

We’ve made  over $6,300 in a single month.

We’ve gone to the gym, are eating healthier, and improving our entire life.


So I’ll give you my new response to everyone who has doubted me….

“Everything has already worked out more beautifully then I could ever have imagined.

If you’d like to make as much as me and help other improve their lives, let me know:)”


I’ve been also told….”You’re gonna grow up and be fat. You’re gonna not have almost anything.

You won’t make anything.”

I’m fit as a fiddle now and make more money then anyone else who has a job in my family…

That’s why I love Now Lifestyle so much.

It’s been there, and proven itself to myself, my dad, and others as well..


If you want to prove to yourself you can make this “internet thing” a true reality like I did:)

Or simply want to help others, or yourself, create a much larger income and a massively happy lifestyle…’

Come become a team leader with us, and have an amazing time 😉



I’ll see you on the inside man! And once you become a team member with us,

we give you some damn great tools to get started:)


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg and Richard Weberg


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