I dove headfirst and didn’t make even a splash..?

Letting loose, relaxing all of the muscles in my body….

I dove.

All the way only 10 feet down to the bottom of the cooling infinity pool, and then I

I stayed down near the bottom, and relaaaaxed…

This was the last night I would be here…

I pushed my arms back and started rising to the top, breaking free of the water’s surface.
Swimming my way forward to the 3 chairs overlooking to

moonlit ocean and shoreline…

And as I looked across the ocean the thousands of homes, restaurants, and hotels…

I realized and could see, and imagine…I haven’t made even a splash yet…


I haven’t done NEARLY what I’m capable of yet.

I’m sitting in a multi-million dollar mansion’s infinity pool, looking out on
one of the finest beaches in the world…..

And, I haven’t even made a splash yet.

I realized, and began to image and see, exactly how I could eventually experience this as my daily
life one day.

JUST…as I had imagined myself being in a mansion one day, when I was much younger thinking it nearly impossible.

Have you even made a splash yet?

I’m just curious…

Would you like to?

I know for a fact, you have imagined before becoming exactly what you want.
Seeing your family, or yourself, living the dream you desire so bad, and knowing…

It, just…might be possible.

I honestly feel like you’re ready to do something bigger then you ever have before.

Because thinking about things you truly can rely on, experience, and past success are always
#1 and #2.

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and by the way…

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One last note….

YOU…are a champion!

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Richard Weberg


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