Climbing this mountain has been CRAZY…

I really wanted you to take a look at this because of
how breathtaking it is…

Because of our team doing so well with Now Lifestyle I’m able

to fly anywhere I wish, and to do as I wish.  I’m not saying that to brag,

I’m saying that because it’s an acknowledgement to my team

and how many people we’ve truly been able to help.


And how many more we’re going to keep helping!


And a huge congrats & applause for our team being #1, going out there, and kicking ass!

We’re doing a great job together!


First was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (For the leadership retreat)

Next was San Antonio, Texas. (To visit the company headquarters and to hangout with the awesome family! P.S. You’re all amazing!)

And NOW…I’m in Orem, Utah.

Visiting some incredible and awesome friends of mine who

happen to be in NLS as well. We met at the retreat and stayed connect

which is awesome…


By everyone seeing REAL results.


Now I’m going to be honest with you…

I haven’t climbed THIS exact mountain in Utah…


But over the years I’ve climbed plenty others…

Dealing with business, friends, family, and so many others…

And you know the #1 thing I’ve learned about it…


Getting to the top always HAS, and WILL…Be worth the climb!


That’s WHY…

I’ve been so dedicated and why I’m only, and I mean only…

Being a leader and helping others in Now Lifestyle ONLY…


Top-tier & long-term commissions

The best community of supportive team members

Integrity, and honesty…

Digital AND physical products. (Both of which have been producing GREAT results for everyone who has been using them)

And a real company that has REAL employees…


There is nothing out there that I’ve found in 9+ years that can beat that.


When you feel like you’re ready to take charge and become a leader. (No worries, we’re going to guide you the whole way)


Let’s get you started together, and seeing RESULTS, my friend!


This family, team, and community…Is something I LOVE!


*Now I want to say, for those of you who already have become a member of our

team and family.


I DO NOT, and I mean this truly. I do NOT, want any of your commissions to pass up to me!

Make sure that you’ve gone ahead and became a reseller so you

can earn up to 90% commissions and become a leader.


P.S. I know you’re sick of hearing it but…


You…are a CHAMPION!


I know it!


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg


Now Life Style™ Get Fit And A Fat Wallet!
Products and a compensation plan designed for massive wealth!

Become a true Founding member in what will be the Now Lifestyle Legacy

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