How I’ve gone from family joke to leading example…

“Jon, you’re not going to go anywhere in life”…

“Jon you’re not actually going to do this are you?”



Sometimes in life people don’t support you, and that’s okay!



You have to see it for yourself.


Those are few quotes I’ve heard from family, friends, everyone around me.



You see though…and can probably imagine…That’s a lot of pressure!

The thing is though, I understood…

I understood that the only way…YOU…will be successful. Is if you put others opinions behind you. Like I did.

It isn’t always easy, it isn’t always what you want.

But, it’s your decision to move forward, for you.


Now, I didn’t have any support from anyone with what I wanted to do…


But you do, you have me to help you move along and explode forward more than anyone else can even imagine my friend.


Let’s work together and help you forward. Because I know you don’t want to be stuck, and you want to move forward right??

Go ahead and get started below and I’ll walk you through everything!



You, are a champion!

With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

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