9 Years Ago To NOW.


Growing up in Hibbing my whole life has been a blessing and a curse. Small town with nothing much going on. But, close ties to family and friends has always prevailed.

Going through highschool I always found myself bored and simply more understanding the life began NOW, when compared to my fellow students and friends. They all were, and most still are, only concerned about what today will bring and nothing more then “getting by” through life.


I developed this sense of urgency, to experience life and to grow, when I was around 10 or 11 years old. I was heavily interested in gaming, and I decided to create and manage my own gaming website in conjunction with my interest. For what it was, I loved it.

Throughout the years leading until around 15 years old, I slowly began to show an increasing interest in marketing and starting a business.


I watched my dad struggle and find success online, and began feeling more consumed with the thought that I should start early in life, stop waiting for graduation day, and just GO FOR IT!


So I did.


At 16 years old while waiting for my mom to get back from a work meeting while we were in Duluth, I created the idea and concepts behind Marketing Mastery, my masterpiece. I continued the idea beyond simple developement, found a friend in school who knew how to code, or atleast said he did:), and created my first business and program.


Was it what I wanted??

Not quite.


When creating Marketing Mastery I completely banked on it becoming my sole income. I was sadly mistaken.
For the first 2 years of Marketing Mastery existing, it made a grand total of…..Wait..Drum roll please….




I was just a tad bit discouraged.

Following this, my dad encouraged me, and greatly helped myself and Nick Allard to create the current version of Marketing Mastery, which

was widely more successful. He saw how distraught I was from my 15 year old solo attempt at marketing. And new it simply needed a little tweak.

For the next 2 years Marketing Mastery was my baby. I nurtured it everyday, and to be honest, helped a lot of people and made some good money from it as well. But, again it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew that something needed to change.

Things started to slow down, a lot. It was another major slump. Making $0 for 6 months straight slump. Our industry was changing.


And myself and my dad realized, that 2 major keys were needed if we were to unlock the Pandora’s boxes to success.

  1. A SOLID long-term residual income team or project.
  2. A SOLID team or project that also incorporated top tier commissions.
  3. A SOLID product/service/ provided with this as well.


That’s when Joel Therien came out with NLS (Now LifeStyle)


My dad and I took a look, and knew that this would be home. This would be our golden goose for not just ourselves,

but for our entire team.


Think about it.

#1 The health and fitness industry is RAPIDLY climbing faster then any other. Do you know anyone that uses vitamins/minerals/protein/ or that works out?? Obviously, yes.

#2 The marketing industry is switching over to a better commissions structure, and growing almost as rapidly as the health and fitness industry.
What’s not to get???

We decided to team up, and to make this our #1 source of results, our #1 team, and our #1 way of showing people not just how to change their life financially, but also physically and in a healthy way.


Now we’re the #1 Now Lifestyle team leaders, and have helped our team produce more results then with anything else we’ve ever been a part of.

I’m proud to say that Now Lifestyle is what I believe in, and live by.


This is our #1 team.



This story will grow, and I will with it.

-Jon Weberg





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