Here’s your pictures, and graduation means, NOTHING!

Here’s your pictures, and graduation means, NOTHING!

Here’s some pictures I promised! You all want proof, and to see that what we are doing is working…

Here’s another taste:)


And we’ve built that entire left leg ourselves. Along with a good portion of a part of the right leg.

But, who cares about legs.

We care about the products producing results for those who use them, and the people loving the services offered.

Well here’s a couple pictures from the Now Lifestyle Facebook group, posted only in the past couple days.


You’re able to see now…..

  1. The products and services are reliable and used. (The upcoming page of theirs that will be live soon, is chalk full of testimonials including my own.)
  2. Our own results are solid and have continually grown, just look at our left leg damnit:)


That’s why we’ve backed and will continue to back this company and program so much.

Now you’ve also heard that I’ve graduated. Here’s a picture of my life long friend Mariah and myself.



We had an awesome all-night grad party and everything went great.

Pretty much, everything is going pretty damn nice right now!

I had my own grad party, plenty of people came, had delicious food, Now Lifestyle is going great, I graduated…

On and on and on…. And I truly to the bottom of my heart appreciate all of the help for the grad party, graduation, and everything that has happened.

There’s ONE SINGLE CATCH that everyone who ends up losing out and not succeeding in their endeavors, ALWAYS misses!!!

100% of the time.



And that’s the 1, crucial, key, important, sacred, and utmost and must be withheld success lesson…..


“When the going is good, push even harder.”


It doesn’t matter how much you succeed, if you stop.

It doesn’t matter how much you make, if you stop.

It’s hard to push yourself and the team when things are going bad, it’s even HARDER when they are going good!



Those of you who haven’t seen or experienced success yet, and those of you who have.

Follow me. And let’s go. Let’s grind. And let’s show everyone what we can do.

Recognition, residuals, health, fitness, and peace of mind are at the end of the tunnel.


Let’s love, laugh, and LIVE!


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg



Only your future will be like this??

2 vividly and widely different responses have
always ensued..Which do you think is right?

“I don’t think I’ll like it”
“It probably won’t be around to launch”
“It won’t make much”


“This is pretty cool, I’ll get started”
“This will be around for years I can definitely
“I’ve already made over a grand”

If I was being honest…
We’ve gotten both of these responses.

The second pair however, are from people who
joined the team.
The first pair, are from people who didn’t (yet).

The second pair, is seeing results.
They can check their downline at any time for

The first pair, what do you think they’re up to??
Are you in the second or first pair???

Because everyone knows that this is the deal….

WE, OUR TEAM, believe in a couple staples that
have kept us always being #1.

Longevity. Consistency. Being recognized. And
always, having a profitable system.

NLS is our long haul project that we trust to be
here for YEARS to come. I mean, Joel’s other
systems are all still around and they’ve been up
and active for years already.

NLS is our consistent project. Where we put people
in every day, and help our team see results every

NLS is our recognition platform. Where we
recognize our team leaders and members who are
seeing results, and people who come aboard the

Simply take a look at our Facebook Page for proof
of that.

And finally, NLS is our #1 most profitable system.

We’ve made thousands, our downline has, and people
are using the system.

Can you imagine what the launch will be like???:)

Here’s where you can be with those second pair of statements:)

With our kindest regards,
John Weberg and Richard Weberg

P.S. Make sure to mark our emails as important so
you keep receiving our updates.

3 Teasers Of How Every Success Story Is Made

3 Teasers Of How Every Success Story Is Made

Throughout the years of marketing, helping hundreds of people, and building leaders….

You start to realize that their’s a few select things that seperate the success stories, from the stories of utter and complete failure.


You don’t have to apply these 3 teasers to your own situation, but I’ll have you know. That without these 3 things, I’ve personally never seen that person become what they are, without having those 3 things.


  1. Proven system that works everytime.

Without this, theirs no base. No original formula. No basics to go from.

That’s why the professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs, who do well, have a proven system they use.


2. Traffic and leads coming in consistently every single day.

Every business in the entire world NEEDS customers.
Without them, you’re dead in the water.


3. Consistency and work ethic.


These apply to anything you do in life. Without them, people become failures and never

accomplish what they want.
You’re decision making time now.

Do you think these 3 things have or are right now, affecting you?

If you utilized or spent more time in these 3 areas, would you probably see more results??


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

Check your down-line right NOW! (You may have 60+ people beneath you!

Check your down-line right NOW! (You may have 60+ people beneath you!

With the entirety of how many leaders
we’ve had invest in the Now LifeStyle
you may have over 60 downline underneath

Logging in here might be a smart decision so
you can see who
we put underneath you as some motivation:)

And to be honest…

I want to thank you for your time, and for
being an important team member who I care
very deeply for. Your success is 1000% my #1

If you have any questions, shoot me an email
now @


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

You just missed 3 videos with 3 major updates!! (All on my YouTube Channel)

You just missed 3 videos with 3 major updates!! (All on my YouTube Channel)

Unless you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, or
at least visit it
once every day or two, you just missed out on some
info I leaked
concerning Complete Mastery Training that is being

I don’t want everyone to completely miss out
you can go ahead and watch the video here, it’s actually pretty cool:)

I’ve uploaded 3 more videos since then as well!
And I’m uploading videos every single day now!
I will be posting these videos across all of my
social media accounts as well so MAKE SURE

you keep updated!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

How and WHY you need to Emeediately start attracting real leaders today

How and WHY you need to Emeediately start attracting real leaders today

We’ve all referred someone to a program or team before. (I hope so)

We’ve all started off from the beginning, and had to work our way to where we are now.

Of, course.


Now, thinking back to your first referral, did that person

immediately invest?? I know my first didn’t when I began marketing years

ago, my first 10 didn’t even!


And we all know what happens when your referrals don’t take action.

You make $0, your team member learns nothing new, and also earns $0


I’m just curious, would it be okay if I were to show you exactly how to get

team members that will invest every time, and become a leader as well??


Would that help you earn more today??

Your steps are here in 3…2…1… (Important Note* Use these to build any team, however, we used them to build our #1 Ranked Team over at NLS)


  1. Immediately Contact all of your major and serious marketing friends and associates throughout… Your main affiliate programs. Any current teams you’re the leader of.  Social media sites, and anywhere else you may have friends in your industry and fellow team members.
  2. Build rapport with each of these people. Which means connect, ask them questions, and warm them up.
  3. Ask questions that lead to a current issue they are facing with their marketing.
  4. Ask if it’d be okay if you gave them a tool you used to solve that problem.
  5. Give them your main opportunity/team link.
  6. Enjoy, sit back, and watch your team grow.
  7. Teach your team this series of steps and duplicate!
  8. More relaxation!:)


That’s the first #1 major series of steps to build literally any team, with any program or company.

Use it now!

For those of you who are already on our team, or are interested in learning more training like this,

login and get started now with these steps to immediately recruit others!


With my kindest regards

John Weberg

Here’s my #1 advice after 8 years of experience!

Here’s my #1 advice after 8 years of experience!

I’ve been around for over 8 years now, and
I’ve learned a vast amount about marketing
from my own research, help from my dad
Richard, and a few other fellow team members
as well.

And one of the most important things that
I’ve learned so far, that probably blows
else out of the water.

Is that your marketing and your team comes
down to one simple thing.
Helping others.

It’s my #1 favorite thing to do.
1. You enable others to earn.
2. While doing so, you also enable yourself
to earn.
It’s a double edged gift:)

That’s why we’ve been letting people apply
wanted to become leaders and to really start

Who apply to join our team right away. We wanted
give them a real shot at getting in at the
beginning, and for a select few
that door is about to close.

Now, we’ve always known that this would be
able to produce real results.
We just didn’t know we’d make over $5,490 in
the first 2 and a half months.

That’s the difference between a dumb itty
bitty commission program,
and something real.

You ACTUALLY help people and give them the
ability to truly succeed,
because that’s what’s important to me.

You have the go ahead to get started now
P.S. Within the next week or so we’re going
to start doing more
training and only broadcast them to the

Here’s where you should start now

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

I’m just curious if being able to make your own squeeze pages would be helpful?

I’m just curious if being able to make your own squeeze pages would be helpful?

My dad created this video to show off
the tool we’ve been
using to create our squeeze pages for our team.

Here’s an example of one of the pages we created
for you
to copy and look at

SWEET right???

This is also the place we ordered those phone
leads from as well.
This video here explains everything that this tool

Being able to create your own squeeze pages
(there’s a lot more to the site though) enables
you to take more control of your conversion
rates, which as everyone knows creates a much
income if you can keep it high.

There’s a link in the video if you want to start
using the tool yourself.
We also have some videos we can give you to show
you exactly how to
start using it.

P.S. We can give you a share code so you can use all of our pages!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

Would it be okay if I shared with you how we made $5,290.70+ with NLS?

Would it be okay if I shared with you how we made $5,290.70+ with NLS?

The good news is…

This training is able to be applied immediately and

is pretty damn simple to use!


The bad news is….You haven’t watched it yet!:)


It’s taken me a few weeks to find this information and put it all together.

As well as testing the content out and creating results with it.


You don’t have to wait in anticipation any longer though!

Here’s the link to your 2nd training on how to produce over $5,000 every month!



After you watched you definitely should make sure you’re

on my list, so you receive access to the 3 other training I’m releasing to my LIST ONLY!

Here’s the link to stay updated now




Finally, I would love to see you connect with me on social media, that way you

find out any of the other secrets I let slip, AND, have personal access to..



LIST social media.


Glad to have you on board!

(It’s Arrived) Your FREE Making $5,000 A Month Video Guide! + With Proof!

(It’s Arrived) Your FREE Making $5,000 A Month Video Guide! + With Proof!

I’m offering for only the next 5 days, my custom
marketing and network marketing
training that helped myself, Joel Therien, and so
many others create an income
well beyond $5,000 a month in residual

The reason I’m giving this out is because I truly
believe in
giving great content to my team because I want my
team to
succeed and see amazing results from day 1.

You have the GO ahead to watch the training

This training video has proof on the inside as
well, everyone knows that you must

have proof so people can know and trust your
information is reliable.

By the way, watching until the end will ensure you
see my exclusive offer for MORE free training
that I ONLY give out to my top team members and

Start watching the training here:

Now, what does this training cover exactly???

  • How To Magnetically Attract Thousands Of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook Followers Every Week
  • How To Use “Attraction Marketing” and attract those leaders and team builders who you want to become a part of your very own team.
  • My 4 Steps Simple To Get Inside The DM’s of Everyone (They’ll want to join your team as well!)

Social media marketing, networking marketing, team marketing, and leadership marketing all were combined into this simple process anyone can follow!


If you’re a team leader, leadership marketer, or are looking to learn how to make up to or over $5,000

every month in residual and big ticket sales.

You will want to stay subscribed to all of my social media channels and keep updated for

MORE training and extra content I only give out to my team members.

Keep updated!!!>>>>

We can start a great connection and start building together more by following me
on these sweet places.


And as always once you or anyone else decides to join the team,

you immediately have personal access to all of my training that I’ve created

my $5,000+ a month income from.

You can receive updates to your email from here


Until next time, with my best wishes,

John Weberg


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