Your #1 Now LifeStyle Team-What Johnathan Weberg, Richard Weberg, and Joel Therein all have in common?

Your #1 Now LifeStyle Team-What Johnathan Weberg, Richard Weberg, and Joel Therein all have in common?

First I have to address, and thank our amazing team for believing in this product, company, and in us.

We could not have gotten this far without them.

When my father and I first discovered Now LifeStyle, and as we started using it and finding out more and more…
We realized….

This has a billion..yes billion…Dollar potential. This will create thousands of millionaires.

We decided to team up in Now LifeStyle, and we decided that we would be

at the very top of the leaderboards. We wanted to be #1.
Now, you’ve seen us be Joel Therien’s personal guests,

be recognized as the #1 earners and promoters in the company,

and earn well over $2,045 in less then 16 days.


Hasn’t this been an amazing outcome?!:)

And the great thing about this company…



Richard and I intend to be the leaders of this program, perpetually!
We will be on the #1 spot, and show everyone, that you can create the exact income you’re looking for!
As long as you go after it…

Secondly, how are us 3 the same??

….We truly believe, that this will

  1. Produce massive results for everyone involved
  2. Be an incredible program that anyone can use
  3. Has the power to help and show everyone how to live the wealthy and healthy Now LifeStyle they’ve always wanted to experience.


My only question for you…
Is when are you going to decide and find yourself wanting to be on our team???

We are currently at the #1 spot, helping out our team every day, and

have already started creating some great incomes for our down line.


Does this sound like something you would like to be apart of???

The greatest combination of..

The health, wellness, workout, fitness industry, merged with our marketing, advertising,

and learning/how-to industry.


There is so much more to come, to be released, and to earn, with everyone..



Come, join our team, and let’s get started  together my friend.


Here’s a proof video of our commissions as well.


Add me on skype username: jonnywebes



I will answer any questions you have, and offer you all of the support I can. ASAP.
With my kindest regards and thanks,

Johnathan Weberg


(Only 2 days left) Have you seen what has got us all excited yet?

(Only 2 days left) Have you seen what has got us all excited yet?

Hey my friend, we are extremely fired up about Now Lifestyle..

Richard and I am starting a series of how to videos..

We just did this first video, out of a series of videos we will be doing,
this will show you how easy it is to start building your email list with Now Life Style.

It’s awesome!

We have crested a fanpage for this endeavor here:
Give us a like!

And a private facebook group here you can request to join:
where we will help people build their team,
through sharing everything we are doing.

This facebook group is not for spamming,
it is to join to get help building your Now Life Style Team.

Look forward to working with you.

With my kindest regards,

Johnathan Weberg

P.S. For those of you who already joined. You have only

2 days before the prices go up on the current Master package.

We have taken it already, along with Seely Clark, Moe Yousef, and others

plan to buy it tonight. Take advantage of it now before the prices go UP!

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