Lock in your position in Now Life Style™..ASAP!

Lock in your position in Now Life Style™..ASAP!

Let’s start off with the fact that the
owner of this new massive team build…Has
created over 100 millionaires with his past launches…
Yeah, that’s a lot of 0’s!

And let’s continue to realize that this is serious..
I’m talking if you either are…or want to become a leader
who magnetically attracts other leaders and residual team members
to you, like dogs like bones….

This is your chance, with a company and program with an owner who
has created over 100 millionaires! Joel Therien is the name, and making monster
commissions is the game!:)
Now to get started we first need to connect of course, because I know you
don’t want to miss any important updates. And any content and special
marketing tools that we explicitly only give to our team members.


You should add me on skype, here’s my username: jonnywebes
We can connect and talk on Facebook and LinkedIn too,
just add Jon Weberg and I’ll add you back right away.

After we’ve connected.
You’re actually ready to start.

Here’s the next step for you to take, watch this video.
It’s the most important marketing video you’ve seen. No joke.
Watch it here: http://richardandjohn.theconversionpros.com/sl/emailfunnel/

And once you’ve logged in and locked in your position there’s 2 things that will happen.

  1. I will be available to help you develop traffic, leadership attracting, and commissions generating strategies
  2. We will be helping you build one of your legs in the system.

Once you’re on the inside and have taken advantage of what this really is.
We will explain the entire system, or you can watch the done for you videos on the inside.

Either way I can’t wait to connect with you, and get you started on your journey to making over $5,000
a month.

With my kindest regards,

John Weberg


Here’s some pictures of the people who have gone All In, and decided to take advantage of the Master Package like we did:) All of those people with stars are people who have gone all in! (1 out of 4 about:)

Great job team!

Congrats Robert Nylund! & how to earn $349 & have a leader join your team!:) (EVERYTIME:)

Congrats Robert Nylund! & how to earn $349 & have a leader join your team!:) (EVERYTIME:)

Let’s start off this wonderful day with a round of applause and welcome to Robert Nylund!

He’s gone all in like many others on our team, and we are SO pumped to have him on our team!

Here’s the congrats, and some bonus material:)



We’re just getting started, which is SO great team:)


It’s great however….

To know the process to building a team like this that you are able

to not just earn, but have your friends and fellow marketers earn as well!
Isn’t that a wonderful thing??:)


Here’s your process to follow..
I call it Skype Marketing:)


  1. In your email broadcasts, don’t sound needy!:) Sound exciting, fun, and ready to take on the world. This attracts people to you, and shows them that you’re ready to build.

2. In your email broadcasts, always have a reference and link to join you on skype!

Here’s where you can add me now so we can get you started my friend!:)

3. Talk about connecting, joining your team, and enjoying this all. People love a magnetic person, you can decide to be that person!

Lastly:)….Always include your skype link to join you in all of your posts, videos, social media posts, etc!

Here’s what my link looks like, skype:jonnywebes?chat

Your will be the same, except instead of jonnywebes, put in your own username!

Isn’t this an amazing way to connect with people??

Then you can build rapport, connect, and invite them to join you, dumb, simple, and it converts like crazy!

If you feel like joining our team and taking advantage of this, you can right here!:)




That’s all today my team, I’ll post later, make sure you watch out for it:)

With our kindest regards,

John & Richard Weberg

The #1 team in the health, wealth, and ultimate marketing experience!:)

(YOUR) Personal guide! How to generate more opt-ins, cash, and more!

(YOUR) Personal guide! How to generate more opt-ins, cash, and more!

It’s hard to find RELIABLE, and trust worthy help sometimes.

It’s also hard to find someone who’s going to help take care of your needs,

stay connected, and help you out right away.
Have you ever had a hard time finding someone to give you that extra push you’ve been looking for??

I know when I first started out with my first blog, I didn’t have much help at all.


My dad, Richard Weberg, told me to go to wordpress.com. And from there, I was completely on my own.

(On purpose of course, so I would be forced to learn)

And of course learned, and I learned a lot!:)

I now can setup and create a blog in a matter of minutes, and

have grown to know the exact processes and systems to earn the income,

opt-ins, and referrals that everyone needs.


I’m offering, to show you how to do all of this with our new 100% commission system!

Let’s connect!

Skype username:  jonnywebes

Email:  jonnywebes@gmail.com

Facebook Name: Jon Weberg


I’m really easy going by the way, and love helping others.


Or, you can’t take a shot at referring members yourself, unless you feel like having some help right now my friend??


Join us here now:



Let’s go my friend:)


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg


Your #1 Now LifeStyle Team-What Johnathan Weberg, Richard Weberg, and Joel Therein all have in common?

Your #1 Now LifeStyle Team-What Johnathan Weberg, Richard Weberg, and Joel Therein all have in common?

First I have to address, and thank our amazing team for believing in this product, company, and in us.

We could not have gotten this far without them.

When my father and I first discovered Now LifeStyle, and as we started using it and finding out more and more…
We realized….

This has a billion..yes billion…Dollar potential. This will create thousands of millionaires.

We decided to team up in Now LifeStyle, and we decided that we would be

at the very top of the leaderboards. We wanted to be #1.
Now, you’ve seen us be Joel Therien’s personal guests,

be recognized as the #1 earners and promoters in the company,

and earn well over $2,045 in less then 16 days.


Hasn’t this been an amazing outcome?!:)

And the great thing about this company…



Richard and I intend to be the leaders of this program, perpetually!
We will be on the #1 spot, and show everyone, that you can create the exact income you’re looking for!
As long as you go after it…

Secondly, how are us 3 the same??

….We truly believe, that this will

  1. Produce massive results for everyone involved
  2. Be an incredible program that anyone can use
  3. Has the power to help and show everyone how to live the wealthy and healthy Now LifeStyle they’ve always wanted to experience.


My only question for you…
Is when are you going to decide and find yourself wanting to be on our team???

We are currently at the #1 spot, helping out our team every day, and

have already started creating some great incomes for our down line.


Does this sound like something you would like to be apart of???

The greatest combination of..

The health, wellness, workout, fitness industry, merged with our marketing, advertising,

and learning/how-to industry.


There is so much more to come, to be released, and to earn, with everyone..



Come, join our team, and let’s get started  together my friend.



Here’s a proof video of our commissions as well.


Add me on skype username: jonnywebes

Email: jonnywebes@gmail.com


I will answer any questions you have, and offer you all of the support I can. ASAP.
With my kindest regards and thanks,

Johnathan Weberg


I think I am on to something really big here..

I think I am on to something really big here..

Could you imagine how fast your income would

1. Your leads and referrals could use the exact
same system as you?

2. Your leads and referrals could do it, with out
having to set up anything?

Meaning, the minute they joined, there lead
capture pages were ready to go for them, nothing
to set up..

3. The business you and your team were promoting
had both digital and physical products, that were
highly consumable?

And the products were from two of the fastest
growing niches online and off.

The make money online niche, and the health and
wellness niche are both absolute monsters!
People both online and off are becoming more and
more health conscious every single day, this is
one of the fastest growing niches both online and

The health market includes niches such as
supplements,diets and weight loss, embarrassing
problems, quit smoking and medical issues to name
but a few.

EuroMonitor report that the health and wellness
industry will be worth $1 trillion globally in

We found out the Nootropics industry (smart drugs
for brain function) was worth over $1 trillion

And Diabetes.org report that over $322 billion is
spent in America on it every year.


Here’s how much not just the U.S., but the

rest of the world as well has increased spending on




Meaning there’s a lot of money around for the
taking, if you’re willing to help these people get
fit and healthy.

Ever heard of the paleo diet and the hot new
Mediterranean diet, atkins….?

Do you think there are plenty of companies and
people who have profited from these trends and
huge surge in consumer demand?

Would you like to be able to..?

Reasons To Get Involved In Health Niches

1.  Products and information can cost up to
hundreds of dollars and some even cost thousands
and up (think treadmills and machines).

2.  This is a market that has many niches with
passionate people who put health first so you can
expect big spenders.

3.  Many health niches are ongoing, so that means
repeat purchases are going to be made.

Now let’s look at the MONEY niches…
Make Money Online Niches

Covers internet marketing, jobs and employment,
affiliate marketing, multi level marketing,
business opportunities, physical product sales and

The online business industry in the UK alone is
worth £100bn according to The Guardian, that’s
twice as large as the hotel and restaurant

The Gardian Says
Affiliate Marketing online Industry to Grow by
$6.8 Billion Over Next Five Years

Are you beginning to see how lucrative this can

Well there is one company poised to take advantage
of all of this, and has created the very first
hybrid online/offline business model, now this
company is not new, they have been around 18 years
helping people make more money.. They have solely
been involved in the digital side/online until

If this sounds like something you want to pursue,
AND you have a strong work ethic, commitment and
focus – reach out to me.

Decide to get started now through here
NOW LifeStyle

OR you can get started by contacting me via


Or Skype:  jonnywebes

Or Text: 1-218-966-4386
2017 will be Golden!

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