Instant 3 Ways To Break PAST The Itty Bitty Commission Habit

Instant 3 Ways To Break PAST The Itty Bitty Commission Habit

In yesterday’s critical email I covered the fact
the small tiny and itty bitty commissions
Don’t work anymore!

As you’ve probably experienced, and have seen,
programs that pay out wimpy commissions…

1. Don’t convert very well. Which means more work
for you!

2. Don’t build a big enough income.

You’re stuck
promoting more and more wasting precious time!

3. Don’t have an exciting offer. Simply building a
program is never fun, you have to be able to have
a good time
and be a part of a team. And grow of course!

And don’t you worry..

I used to be in the exact same shoes you are in!
Making little dinky commissions, now I make well
over $4,000 a month, from only one program!
(According to statistics and multiple case studys.
Only 95% of marketers make over $10 a month)

So how do you break those nasty little commissions

1. Find a program that pays out big ticket
This way you can ensure you’ll receive hundreds
and sometimes thousands of dollars

2. Become a part of a team.
You’ll be certain it’s a sure thing with a team
that has a proven track record
and proof of sales.

3. Make sure the owner has had a sure track record
over time.
You want to know the person, and have seen them
produce results before.

And that’s exactly how, you are able to decide
what you want to become a part of.

The team myself and my dad Richard Weberg have
created as an example,
we have personally referred over 60 paid members,
and have made well over $4,000
in less then 2 months!

How did we do it???
We have taught, and use ourselves, the process of attracting not just leaders,
but those who want to produce results RIGHT NOW.

We’ve proven our sales record, obviously through
YourEightSteps, Marketing Mastery, Leased Ad Space, and through much more.

And that’s why we’ve been able to break past our itty bitty commissions stage to the
big dino-soar level commissions stage.

Go ahead and take a peak at the video below I just made covering how much we’ve made
in commissions (a.k.a. PROOF), and how to commission structure works for our team.

P.S. Congrats to Donald Ducharme for becoming a part of our team today!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg

The story of what was, what is, and what will be!?

The story of what was, what is, and what will be!?

Here’s the skinny…

There was a man who was young, excited, and wanted to get going with life.
He was, ready to take on the challenges life would present…

He started off strong, and went for it!
Working hard every single day no matter what, and always gave his all!

He’s wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. He started to loose focus,
and his efforts lessened.

He started becoming frustrated, and furious because he was producing less then he thought he could.
What is right now, is the young man is at a cross roads of one of the most important
decisions he will make…..

The decision that will decide, what will be…
What about you?? If you were in his shoes??
Are you going to quit marketing, give up, and possible leave out on the
biggest opportunity EVER to hit the industry??!

Or, IF you are struggling right now.
Are you going to become a leader, become a success, and
have everything you’ve ever wanted….
The REAL income…The residual commissions….The downline….
The team….

Everything you want right now…

Where do you want to go??

If you’re choosing to become a leader and make a real income…

Let’s connect! Please shoot me a message

LinkedIn + FaceBook Name: Jon Weberg

Skype: jonnywebes

Call me! 1-218-966-4386

Time to get a rock’in my friend!
With our kindest regards,
John Weberg

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